What is Real Energy Efficiency And What Does It Mean For Your Business?

We all want to be more energy efficient - especially in business. When you’re working with a large premise, juggling profit margins, and hit with huge energy bills every month it can be a bit of a shock. But hey, it’s not just about bills. There’s the environment to think of too. Huge bills also equals huge carbon footprint.

But what does it mean to be truly energy efficient? It’s not just slapping an energy rating sticker on something, seeing a maximum amount of stars and saying “Yes, that’s the right one.” Today we take a look into what true energy efficiency is - and how to help build it into your business.

A product that suits your space

Too big or too small? The wrong sized product for your space and needs will be the wrong choice in terms of energy, too. While sticking a few single split system air conditioners around your premises might seem like a less costly option upfront, if you’re running them full tilt for the majority of your operating hours, then this might not be a very efficient solution. Instead, there are commercial custom installations that will be suit your space as a more eco-friendly solution.

The same goes whether you’re heating, ventilating, or refrigerating. You need to design your equipment size for maximum efficiency. Increasing efficiencies in your building not only offers immediate savings from your operating costs but running your equipment less will significantly increase its life expectancy and decrease component failure rates.

Offsetting with solar

Business? Solar? Sure, why not? While plenty of households are getting in on the solar energy generation train - 20% of homes at last count! - businesses are a little slower on the uptake. While this is likely due to the fact that many premises are rented, that’s no reason not to investigate solar solutions for your business.

Installing solar to help generate energy can help to significantly offset your energy bills. There are a whole range of solutions available - and some may even be relocatable to a new premises if you happen to make a move.

Insulation for heating and cooling efficiency

The right insulation helps any building remain cool when it’s hot outside, or keep in the warmth when it’s cold outside. This then in turn makes heating and cooling solutions more efficient. For optimum efficiency, you need to investigate roof, wall, and floor insulation solutions.

Servicing and replacing older appliances and units

Wear and tear on your appliances and energy consuming units can also make a mark on their energy efficiency. It’s important to service commercial units on a regular basis to ensure they’re up to standard. Replacing parts that are starting to wear out and even replacing whole units needs to be considered when they are no longer up to task. Our life cycle analysis identifies the optimum time to stop investing in older equipment and start investing smarter in new equipment.

Appliance management with sensors and smart controls

With internet-enabled devices and controls now becoming a part of our everyday lives, this means more efficient control over power hungry appliances.

For instance, a smart lighting control may switch on overhead LEDs only when the sun starts to fade. During summer, blinds may automatically be drawn after the temperature hits 24 degrees outside, so the cooling is more efficient. A/C may be switched off in rooms where there are no people present.

We provide free consultations on energy efficiency for business

If you want to get real about real energy efficiency for your business, by saving some money and helping out the environment, our specialists can help.

We offer a FREE consultation on Energy Efficiency for any new customer and - upon request - we can use our exclusive power monitoring tool to analyse your whole energy expenditure and provide you with a smart energy design, products, services and support.

In some cases, our customers have saved up to 70% on their power bills. Call or email us and set up a consultation to see where you can make some great savings.

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