Efficiency Driven

Technical Solutions

Engixo is a technical solutions provider focused on mechanical, energy and building services for the industrial and commercial sector.

There is no project too small or too big for us. We provide end-to-end support all the way, from design engineering state of art electro-mechanical plant to installing and maintaining your company’s assets in optimal working condition.

Our team strives to deliver outstanding results, overall waste reduction and establish long-term customer relationship. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand our client’s requirements and provide the most efficient cost-effective solution inspired by the world’s best practices.

By engineering efficiencies into our design process, we find ways to reduce wastage, improving asset performance and reducing costs. Our project and service teams work to make adjustments both big and small to minimize operational costs and reduce environmental impact while delivering high standards.

Case Studies

Promoting efficiency through innovative technical design

Our mission

Reduce CO2 emission and overall waste by using smart design aligned with leading technologies to provide efficient engineering solutions to commercial and industrial projects.