The Rosemount Hotel Air Distribution Impasse

Rosemount Hotel has served as North Perth’s community hub and meeting place since 1902. While horses may no longer be tied up outside, the venue still values its timeless standing as an inviting, affordable, family (and dog!) friendly pub where both pop stars and paupers gather to enjoy quality food, drink and entertainment.

In recent history the Rosemount has distinguished itself as Perth’s premiere mid-size live music venue. It remains the go-to stage in WA for the world’s hottest touring bands and Australia’s best homegrown talent. As you can imagine, the perfect recipe for a house full of vibrant people.

To comply with the Australian requirements, the Rosemount Hotel had an evaporative type air conditioning system which used to work well to cool their main function room during the busy summer months. The system works primarily by bringing 100% fresh air from outside, which is cooled and delivered via duct work into the establishment, forcing warm stale air out through normally open doors and windows maintaining a balanced temperature.

On the other hand, by keeping doors and windows open, the pub became a problem in the neighbourhood because of the constant noise produced by music and revelers. The quick fix was to keep the doors shut.

The solution didn't work quite as well as they had hoped as the flow of fresh cool air was now stifled. The lack of air circulation and warmer room temperature would cause a very uncomfortable environment for staff and customers.

Worried about the wellbeing of the clientele, the Rosemount management team engaged our team to design a better solution to the problem as the doors would need to keep closed during operation.

We redesigned the small and ineffective exhaust fan and duct work system to incorporate a larger and better-designed effective solution. In our new design, the exhaust air system would extract 90% of the supply air to allow sufficient airflow to cool the room even with the doors closed, explains Gareth Halliday, Engixo General Manager.

To make it more energy efficient, the team installed a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) on the unit. Which once fully commissioned would enable them to achieve the exact air volume required in both low and high speed fan settings.

As a result, not only the Rosemount Hostel customers were happy, but also the management team who have now engaged Engixo for complete servicing of the refrigeration and mechanical services to make sure Summer days are what it should be: only hot enough to enjoy a cold beer.

Photo credit: Les Moyle

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